Bar and restaurant

Bar and restaurant are the most frequented places not only from hotel’s guests. Situated near the main promenade of Pogradec, people are sitting by for a coffee or a drink, even for a good lunch or dinner.

Hotel Perla has a very good reputation in the city for its cuisine, especially for cooking the seafood. Fish Koran from Lake Ohrid, always taste delicious and are the main dishes served every day. In a friendly atmosphere of the Hotel Perla the guests may have a delicious breakfast in the morning as well as enjoy the lunch and dinner in our traditional Albanian and European Cuisine.

Also the restaurant is the place where we organize beautiful weddings, or even various parties as birthdays or promotions. The area is very clean and carefully cured, with pictures on the wall, modern furniture. The outside are is just fantastic with a lot of flowers, trees and well cured garden. People are enjoying their drink every season in our hotel.